The ZIZERA CONTENT MANAGEMENT PLATFORM is a unique IT environment to build economic and streamlined web, mobile and content management systems and applications.

ZIZERA consists of a selection of readymade software systems for non-technical users as well as IT professionals.Our Software Development Kit for front-end developers, incorporates backend services and a global processing and hosting environment to modify, extend or change existing solutions or build new ones.

ZIZERA is for single users as well as large global companies operating in multiple markets with complex requirements and structure where hundreds of users need to be able to collaborate and work together in the same environment but with different skillsets, roles and responsibilities.

Sandbox for developers

ZIZERA is a sandbox for developers who want to personalize existing solutions and building new systems. We are part of an ever-growing global IT environment driven by free use of the best front-end developer’s tools available and creative user forums.

Full development cycle

ZIZERA is a SaaS API driven development framework placed on a global CDN, optimized for building content management projects of any size and complexity. ZIZERA provides the best tools and infrastructure available for front-end developers covering the full development cycle and global distribution.

The ZIZERA PUBLICATION MANAGEMENT SUITE, ZIZERA SDK and ZIZERA WEB show how advanced publication and content management systems can be. And they are all built by the ZIZERA CONTENT MANAGEMENT PLATFORM.

There is no limit to the content management projects ZIZERA handle.We provide front end developers with …:

  • A local development environment with testing and deployment procedures
  • The flexible ZIZERA API.
  • Access to all the ZIZERA back end services.
  • Full control over data structure.
  • A ready-made optimized administrative UI.
  • An efficient Cloud hosting infrastructure.

ZIZERA provides an unparalleled environment for front-end developers and their clients to create solutions tailored to their needs. Using only front-end development skills and without any need for knowledge about backend functionality,the user can progress quickly through their project!.

ZIZERA also provides ready-made publishing solutions and catalogue systems that can be created without any prior developing knowledge.

The ready-made solutions can be tailored to individual needs, and/or combined with all other applications or systems in the ZIZERA CONTENT MANAGEMENT PLATFORM as well as third party systems.

The SDK provides an environment for developers to develop the environment they require to combine readymade solutions or fully develop their own applications or CMS – or a combination of both before pushing these and push to the ZIZERA CDN.

The ZIZERA PLATFORM is well documented and provides bundles of sample codes to use as a starting point or reference.

Define your own data structure

Developers can define their own data structure, using an existing collection that is instantly available through the ZIZERA CORE API.They can develop their own components that can run both client- and server-site.

The administrative environment is auto generated for content editing.The data structure is defined and components are developed based on implementation and privileges provided by the developer. It is tailored eactly to editorial needs.

The development tools provide everything you need to build, manage, integrate and deliver digital content for all types of clients, devices as a web application and native iOS and Android apps using the ZIZERA APP BUILDER.

Editors and marketing specialists work in ZIZERA PUBLISHER; a very advanced content creation definition, management and publishing system. Editors can work in an environment which is optimized exactly to their needs and is based on the data, components and structure of their project.

Based on these development and administrative capabilities the ZIZERA PLATFORM is optimized for content management projects traditionally completed in CMS, web development platform, PIM and DAM. But in ZIZERA all these options are available, but projects can be developed from scratch in the ZIZERA PLATFORM faster than in any other environment.

How to achieve the fastest development speed

The ZIZERA PUBLISHER can also be used as a backend solution when integrated with a 3rd party frontend system through the ZIZERA CORE API or the ZIZERA SDK.This allows the user to build a fully stand-alone static solution not requiring any backend.

The lightning fast development speed is achieved using full platform capabilities for both the backend and frontend, with effortless prototyping, running the full application both locally in the ZIZERA SDK and the ZIZERA PUBLISHER in on a global CDN using the ready-made version control and deployment procedures of ZIZERA.

ZIZERA prepares the platform for publication and website development by providing two readymade independent applications called ZIZERA PUBLICATION MANAGEMENT SUITE and ZIZERA WEB.

Both applications are developed in the ZIZERA PLATFORM itself using the SDK for the development cycle and the ZIZERA PUBLISHER for the administrative environment.

ZIZERA PUBLISHER and ZIZERA WEB further enhance the ZIZERA framework by providing common functionality, components, project structure and templates to speed up even further the development time of publications and processing.

Use ZIZERA as a base for your own functionality

Developers can use the ZIZERA publication and website application as a base for their own functionality, redesigning layouts or changing the style completely.

Marketing specialists and content creators can use the ZIZERA PUBLICATION and WEB applications straight out of the box to produce and publish their content.They can also choose from a selection of ready-made 3rd party templates to get the project completed quicker.