The ZIZERA PUBLICATION MANAGEMENT SUITE is a content management system focusing on production of online publications for online viewing and downloaded for local browsing, like magazines, catalogues, financial reports, marketing micro-sites and more.

Editorial users can create and manage publications either by using library templates or through their own custom designed templates developed in the ZIZERA SDK.

It is possible to use any PDF document or picture format and HTML, CSS JavaScript based source material or both to control design and functionality both for offline and online use. All content is automatically processed and optimized for different viewers, operating systems and connections, rendered through the ZIZERA PROCESSING ENGINE.

Publications can also be created and managed by pushing content directly from the SDK.

Versioning and publishing workflow

The publication management maintains version of publications and a publishing workflow for continuous development and editorial maintenance. Users can edit the content and add components to publications in the ZIZERA PUBLISHER; pages, galleries, videos, products, tags and custom definable actions but ZIZERA Publications has an advanced tagging system to create interactivity within a publication. Users can create their own navigation flow within a publication, connect to products, control sharing of assets, display web views and popup windows with custom content and enable favoring of assets.

All changes are displayed in real view throughout the publication process and the working environment can be shared with internal and external users for feedback or participation through fully configurable access control. Users can preview applications in all devices with all functions using their own app development or the standard ZIZERA versions.

The ZIZERA PUBLICATION MANAGEMENT SUITE is developed like any other ZIZERA application using the ZIZERA SDK. This means that everything within the Publication application is customizable by the client.

The ZIZERA Publication Viewer

The ZIZERA PUBLICATION MANAGEMENT SUITE provides an open source publication application called the ZIZERA Publication Viewer. Users can immediately create publications using a range of readymade functionality and layouts which can be configured both at application and publication level.

Users without any programming knowledge can apply configuration to control the basic layout and functionality in the viewers and adjust design.

Advanced customers with development skills can use the standard ZIZERA Publication viewers as a starting point for their own development using the SDK. Minimal changes can be made in the viewer configuration and theming options can be used to adapt solutions to brands or image.

Developers can completely change design, layout and functionality very fast by developing on top of the standard ZIZERA viewers.

Viewer functionality

The ZIZERA Publication Viewer supports all ZIZERA COMPONENTS and rendering of both pdf and html based publication. The ZIZERA Publication viewers have configurable component and template based functionality like;

Page Swiper

Main navigational tool controlling sliding between pages without refreshing by continuously downloading and rendering pages in the background predicting the most likely action of the end user with both horizontal and vertical transitions which can be nested to create a hierarchy of pages that can be navigated to swipe both left and right - up and down. Swiper can be configured to control how many pages are preloaded based on navigation layout and swiping pattern.


Configurable UI control with media queries based on device types. Supports both top and bottom positioning with buttons and text with configurable positions. Contains global level actions like, menu, search, favorites and product lists.


Displays content hierarchy with chapters, subchapters and so on with thumbnail color coding which is also applicable to Toolbar control to differentiate chapter styles. Menus can be auto generated from a PDF table of content or manually created and edited in the ZIZERA PUBLISHER.

Product tray & product details

When working with PDF based publications products can be tagged using the ZIZERA tagging system. All products in a single page are collected in a product tray as an alternative product based view of a page. Users can navigate through a large list of products and open up detailed views for additional information, favoriting and sharing options. Can be integrated to third party data sources through ZIZERA CORE SERVICES to fetch live product upgrades.


Provides a fast navigation through a whole publication by moving the position of the slider to navigate directly to a desired page.

Thumbnail view

Provides an alternative view of a publication by zooming out and showing on each zoom level smaller thumbnails of all the pages within a publication. The thumbnail view is configurable to display menu information and color coding when available.


Can be configured as a simple carousel gallery, stop motion animation gallery, cinemograph gallery, slider gallery and more. By combining the gallery component with the ZIZERA tagging options none technical users can create interactive page displays by swapping whole pages or parts of pages a tag action is triggered. Library of standard features, options and changes or new components can also be developed through the SDK.


All page assets can be added to “favorites” including whole pages, images, videos and products based on configuration. The favorites list is sharable and can contain assets from multiple publications. The favorites list contains product support conversion and integration web shops or other third-party systems which support API transactions.


Searches all content both in a html and pdf format and can be divided into page results and product results. The search can also be configured to contain other publications or applications leading traffic to a range of publications.

Publication list

Configurable overview of available online publications. When viewed in a native application the publication view shows which publications have been downloaded, not downloaded or are in download process. Users can delete downloaded publications.


Landing page for apps with multiple publications. Can also be used to display promotional content or advertisements or using the ZIZERA gallery and video content. Displays a list of available publications and their download status when opened in a native app. Users can access “favorites” and search results through defined publications and access any custom web page.

Store locator

Provides setup and management of locations which can also connect to product availability. Locate the nearest store and calculated distance and time to the defined location. Detailed view for each store with information or advertisements for opening hours and contact information with directions to the closest store.

Analytic tools

The ZIZERA viewer comes with readymade integration to Google analytics for tracking user interaction within the application and content. Tracking applied by the Google analytics API key in app configuration in the PUBLISHER. The ZIZERA viewer has a readymade API´s to the most advanced tracking systems.