Working environment to build and manage publications across all channels; desktop’s, tablet’s and mobiles processing automatically for all devices!


HTML5, Android, iOS and Apple TV apps of all formats and sizes. Can be used on- and offline upgrading automatically when connected.


API and a SDK toolkit for content developers to create customized HTML content.
Focusing on the working environment for front end developers with support into their normal development tools and workflow


Amazon Cloud Front Network technology distributing globally content to end users with low latency and high speed.

The ZIZERA PUBLISHER is a web based administration interface to manage all projects including applications, production, assets and users. The UI of the PUBLISHER focuses on simplicity and familiarity to make it as easy as possible to create, manage and edit many projects with large quantities of data and assets.

All content can be tagged to detail categorization and is searchable giving a flexible archive which can be adapted to specific needs. Customers can build almost any type of categories, sections, format or flow using tags which are also available when data is requested through the ZIZERA CORE SERVICES.

All content is searchable through Elasticsearch which indexes all types of content pushed to PUBLISHER.

The PUBLISHER is the working environment for Editors and marketing specialist to create, publish and follow up their content. Emphasis is on the authoring experience which places the focus on the content being created by providing form based markdown and visual editing options.

Visual editing options allows editors to work on content in context to rendering to the end users either be directly editing in a single real-time view or in a side by side view where content updates live in the editing process.

The PUBLISHER supports team collaboration through multiples predefined roles for authors, editors and administrators with dedicated public user profiles for everyone where unlimited number of users can work simultaneously.