We are proud to present a new generation of software for interactive catalogues and apps

Our platform is ideal for designers, marketing professionals and agencies looking to create unique marketing- and micro sites

ZIZERA SDK and API combine to provide the dream environment for front-end developers to create solutions. Our platform provides the powerful back end services and a cloud infrastructure.

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Easy to use

After signing up, you will have full access to our platform including interactive features and development tools. Use everything free for a month and enjoy our hosting infrastructure.

You can create digital catalogues, as well as websites of all shapes and sizes. Our trial month will give you access to all the standard templates, functions and features. You can even Publish for the full month for free.

Choosing to sign up to our service will open you up to our full range of services, templates and features. We have everything you need to make your online projects shine.

Use the ZIZERA PUBLICATION and WEB applications straight out of the box and create advanced interactive apps and web solutions in a matter of minutes.

Create apps, digital catalogues, marketing campaigns, social media content, microsites, landing pages, presentation apps, direct sales campaigns ...
Without ANY programming knowledge.

What is ZIZERA?

Content Management platform

ZIZERA is a SaaS API driven development framework placed on a global CDN, optimized for building content management projects of any size and complexity

Publication Suite for Web and Mobile

The software provides a working environment to build and maintain applications and publications. Your content is automatically optimized for different screens & resolutions.

Cloud Hosting

Amazon Cloud Front Network technology. Your content is cached and delivered to users based on their location & devices.


Use our PUBLISHER, the back end services, the API and SDK and the global hosting infrastructure for free for a whole month.

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We address all your web and publication requirements

ZIZERA is an ideal platform for individuals and small companies as well as larger global organisations operating in multiple markets with complex requirements and structure where hundreds of users need to be able to collaborate and work together in the same environment but with different skillsets, roles and responsibilities.

ZIZERA is a sandbox for developers who want to personalize existing solutions and building new systems being a part of an ever-growing global IT environment driven by free use of the best front-end developer’s tools available and creative user forums.

ZIZERA front-end development tools

We are part of a constantly evolving global IT environment, introducing the best front-end developer tools available.

What you‘ll get


  • The flexible ZIZERA API

  • Local development environment with testing and deployment

  • Access to all the ZIZERA back end services

  • Full control over data structure

  • A ready-made optimized administrative UI

  • Safe cloud hosting infrastructure

  • One source code is compiled for use on web, Android and iOS

ZIZERA - an unparalleled environment for front-end developers